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Profile Erik Boon van Ostade


In 1981 I started working in the IT (Information Technology) sector and have built up a broad knowledge and much management experience, both on the vendor and the customer side.

I got my bachelor degree in Business Administration in Eindhoven in 1979 and have worked for various international IT companies in the Netherlands with European scope. Honeywell Bull in Amsterdam, Wang Labs in Culemborg, ICL (in 2001 renamed into Fujitsu Services) in Maarssen and since 2006 for Inter Access in Hilversum. Started as a Sales Consultant and later Project Manager. During >15 years various management roles, always having the responsibility for P&L (profit and loss), the quality of services to customers, and the employees delivering these services.

In February 2009 I started my own company delivering IT interim management activities. I have worked for NXP Semiconductors in the role of Global Operations Manager, followed by working for Draka Holding Amsterdam in the role of Global Manager IT services. Draka was taken over by Prysmian in 2011 and is now known as Prysmian Group.

Within the companies I worked for, I have been leading successfully various management teams from business units varying from 50-200 employees in size. An organization and a way of working was realized to support European wide customers from the Netherlands and with onsite teams. Contract values of > 10 million Euro and customers like KLM and BP are examples.

During the last decade I led a number of organizational changes. The transformation of a project organization into a managed services organization was a major and complex one. Delivering managed services demands a different way of working and a different attitude of the involved employees. Within a managed services operation the attitude and cooperation skills of the involved employees is essential. Sometimes it is stated that delivering managed services is boring and repetitive, nothing is less true, within a managed services operation the systems are doing the repetitive tasks and the people solve the complex problems and make the systems more intelligent.

I am enthusiastic and energetic and in collaboration with others delivering expected results. My reliability, tenacity, and decisiveness are competences that others appreciate in me. My communication and presentation skills are excellent.

My ambition is a leading role with responsibility for customers, employees, services and P&L for the development and delivery of IT services within a large or midsize company. I am looking for an assignment where my knowledge and experience have a great value and contribution to the organization. Both supplier side as customer side are challenging. A line management role is not a must, managing a contract with functional team members and vendors could be a great challenge.